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Facilities Service Experience

GGC Legacy Janitorial Services is your team to call for residential or commercial cleaning services. Our owners have over 40 years of combined experience in the industry and property/facility management roles. Count on us to get the job done. Available Services…

  • Office + Coworking Space Cleaning

  • Carpet Cleaning Service

  • Janitorial Services for Schools, Churches, and Institutional Facilities

  • Move-In or Move-Out Cleaning

  • Kitchen + Restaurant Cleaning

  • Deep Cleaning + More

Facilities Janitorial Custodial

A Cleaner Home or Business in 3 Easy Steps


Consultation is the first step of our three-fold service process. We, GGC Legacy Janitorial Services, LLC, send a team of professionals to your site or your home to determine the current state of the environment. Also, we will be thoroughly following your requests and discussing the further plan on maintaining a clean and hygienic environment. Our team evaluates your premises and builds a custom deep cleaning plan based on a ten-point checklist. This also establishes a baseline for future maintenance as required by our customers. We can provide daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly maintenance as per the request of our customers after getting through our evaluation report.

Deep Clean

Deep clean, the second step of our service process, is identified as the first step of service establishment in our company. In this stage, the daily, weekly, monthly, or annual maintenance routine is implemented as discussed in the consultation step. This sets the stage to maintain the sanitation of your buildings and environment over the long-term. With industry-leading standards of service, GGC Legacy strives to give you the attention and consideration you deserve. We strive to go further than cleaning and disinfecting your home or business environment. We create relationships for life.


The maintenance stage of the sanitization process is where the long-term maintenance plan begins. This starts right away after ensuring that the deep clean process is successful. Our supervisors will continuously monitor our cleaning staff and their work activities throughout the process, making this a hassle-free experience for you. This continuous management procedure ensures that the plan will meet your needs. Feel free to contact our team if you need any modifications in the program to accommodate changes to building demand and use. You will enjoy all the benefits of a clean environment by trusting us with the cleaning process of your home or workplace.

Commercial Cleaning Services

GGC Legacy Janitorial Services offers a full range of cleaning services for commercial properties.

Office Cleaning

Whether it’s only a few offices or an entire floor, we provide custodial services to ensure your employees come to work in a clean and healthy environment. No detail is too small for us.

Cafeteria / Kitchen Cleaning

A dirty kitchen is a hazard. Let us make your cafeteria or kitchen safer by diligently cleaning it. This includes floors, wiping down equipment, and many other aspects.

Restaurant Cleaning

Ensure your patrons have a clean space to eat and drink. With our team and tools, we can help get stains out of your flooring in upholstery. We can also get rid of sticky floors and tabletops.

Institutional Cleaning

Whether we’re cleaning a school classroom or church sanctuary, all of our tasks are approached in the same manner. We’re dedicated to providing the best deep cleaning and maintenance service possible.

Questions? Ready to get your home or business cleaned? 

Schedule a cleaning consultation today.

Questions? Ready to get your home or business cleaned? 

Schedule a cleaning consultation today.

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